For questions and concerns, please contact David Donoho, Vardan Papyan, or Yiqiao Zhong. This class meets Wednesdays 3:00-4:20 PM at Bishop Auditorium 08-350. If you are a guest speaker for this course, please read travel section to plan your visit.

Deep Learning/AI News

Guest Lectures

Wednesday, 10/2/19
Stefano Soatto

Wednesday, 10/9/19
Tengyu Ma

Wednesday, 10/16/19
Jeffrey Pennington
Google, NY

Wednesday, 10/23/19
Song Mei

Wednesday, 10/30/19
Arthur Jacot

Wednesday, 11/6/19
Aleksander Madry

Wednesday, 11/13/19
Nati Srebro
TTI, Chicago

Wednesday, 11/20/19
Andrew Saxe
University of Oxford

Wednesday, 12/6/19
Vardan Papyan

Reading list and other resources

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Basic information about deep learning

Cheat sheet – stuff that everyone needs to know

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