Grading methodology

Students will be graded based on two components:

Student engagement: 35/100

Please use the canvas chat feature to post questions during lectures. We will pick a subset of these questions and ask them in class. At the end of the term, we will use the chat record to assess student engagement. Topicality and quality of questions matter! We don?t want to abuse the privilege of interrogating our esteemed lecturers.

Student essays: 65/100

You will submit two essays of at least two pages each (latex article 12 point). Each essay will cover at least one of the talks in the course or one topic raised in multiple talks. Demonstrate your engagement with the topic by showing that you understand the points being made and then propose a new theoretical calculation or new experiment and measurement that will advance the discussion further. E.g., “I would next like to see measurement of XYZW and comparison of A with B. This would tell us if the effect being discussed is of type P or type Q”. The first essay should be based on the first five lectures (up to Song Mei’s lecture), and is due on Sunday, Nov 17, 11pm. The second essay should be based on the remaining five lectures, and is due on Sunday, Dec 15, 11pm. You may use canvas to submit your essays.

Passing grade

The passing grade is 80/100.