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Department of Statistics will arrange your lodging. Please send an email to Ms. Allison Stone at with your desired dates of reservation and Allison will book you a hotel room in Palo Alto.

Instruction for reimbursement

Please make sure you review reimbursement policies before you arrange your trip. To be reimbursed, you should submit receipts to Ms. Nicole Cobb at We recommend that you also inform STATS385 team by carbon copying our email while submitting your reimbursement request.

Reimbursement policies

To make sure that you will receive the maximum allowable reimbursement for your travel expenses, please review the following policies before you make arrangements. Any questions or concerns regarding these policies should be directed to Ms. Nicole Cobb at

  1. Airfare
    Travelers can be reimbursed for coach/ economy air travel, with the exception that international travelers on flights of 8 hours or more can be reimbursed for business class. It must be the lowest available airfare that meets the traveler’s choices determined by the following criteria:
    • The route between origin and destination is the most direct and frequently traveled (i.e., no circuitous routing).
    • May be a nonstop flight if requested by the traveler.
    • Does not require stays beyond the traveler’s requested dates of travel.

    If you choose to fly a higher class of service than economy (or business class for international flights over 8 hours), you need to save proof of the lowest economy fare or lowest business class fare for international flights over 8 hours for the same route (screenshot of lowest available fares AT THE TIME of BOOKING). Stanford will reimburse the documented comparison economy fare or comparison business class fare for international flights over 8 hours, and the traveler will be responsible for the balance.

    If a portion of your travel is personal, and you then will fly a different route, you need to save proof of lowest airfare for the direct route (screenshot of lowest available fares at time of booking). Stanford will then reimburse the lower of the actual airfare for the route flown or the documented lowest available fare for the direct route.

  2. Meals
    Stanford pays for reasonably priced and necessary meals during travel. Itemized receipts are required for meal reimbursement. Alcohol is not reimbursable.